Good Morning Triss” is an RPG Game where Triss, the main protagonist is afflicted with grief-induced depression. The goal of this game is to open a window into the life of someone who struggles with depression through a fantasy world. By following Triss on her adventures, we hope to instill a sense of empathy and understanding for real-life victims of depression in the players.

For the best experience, download the executable and run it on your computer.

Team Members

Lead Artist: Christine Ladra

Coding/Writer: Emmanuel Yuan

General Assistant:  Adrienne Horca


Movement - Arrow Keys
Run - Shift + Arrow Keys
Interact/Confirm - Z
Cancel/Back - X
Speed Up - Shift
Skip Dialogue - Space


All music from:

  1. “Song For Someone” by Ozzed
  2. “At The End Of The Day” by Ozzed
  3. “Waking Up” by Ozzed
  4. “A Vile City” by Ozzed
  5. “The Misadventure Begins” by Ozzed
  6. “Ferrous Rage” by Ozzed
  7. “8 Bit Party” by Ozzed
  8. “Super Secret Tune” by Ozzed
  9. “Drop Dead” by Ozzed
  10. “Just A Minuet” by Ozzed
  11. “Netstereo” by Ozzed
  12. "Transient Response" by Ozzed
  13. "Getting Started" by Ozzed

Yanfly Engine Plugins

TDD Plugins

Various Online Resources

© 2019 Adrienne Horca, Christine Ladra, Emmanuel Yuan 

Please report any issues encountered in the comments, or email them to


Download 180 MB
Download 310 MB

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